How to Backup and Restore your WordPress Blog by simple plugins

I am writting this post because just a few days ago when i shifted my hosting sever one of my blog got deleted or it was not transfered correctly the reason was not clear then the only option for me was to restore my wordpress blog from backup thank to wordpress db backup plugin i have the backup in sql format .

now the thing was to restore i have googled for restoring but every one was telling to restore by going to hosting account then configuring php my admin and sql that was totally unknown for me . the wp-db backup pluging has an advantage that it backs up your wordpress blog but it does not have nay option to restore them.

next i found a plugin WP-DBManager

this plugin has the advantage of both backing up and restoring up your wordpress blog . let us see how to back up and restore.

1.install the plugin by going to

2. activate it and then in your dasboard you will find DATABASE.


3.then in options click on the bakup data base and then select what you want to back up and at last click backup for backup you are done this has ceated a database which can be downloaded or it will be stored in your db folder.


4. now the most important thing is to restore you please keep your created backup downladed into coputer or on your email for safety.

if your blog is not deleted something goes wrong then simply go to databes>>manage backup database >> select the database which you wnat to restore>> click the restore and you are done.


next case when your blog has been deleted

just install a new version of wordpress

login to dashboard

install the above plugin

go to your hosting accnt open public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager

and then upload the database you have downloaded or emailed.

when done come to dashboard and goto dtabase

>>manage database>>then select the db you have uploaded and then click on restore and you are done.

enjoy your restore word press blog

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  1. The WP-DBManager plugin is the best for me. I set it to make backups and email it directly to me. This is a set it up once and forget about it. I also use it when I upgrade to new WP version.

    I’m sure many users will enjoy this detailed post and maybe even install the plugin if they haven’t already.

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