How to Batch Download YouTube videos or from other video site

In this internet dominant arena where there is no end of online data either for creators or for users or collectors like us.From entertaining videos to informative videos all are stored on sites like YouTube and other video sites like Dailymotion, Veoh etc. For example the A full Bachelor of technology course for any stream is available on NPTEL with the help of YouTube Nptel channel which is mainly open course materials for engineering and science students and teachers (freely).

From Tv shows to technological learning all videos are available there for free now when it comes to collection some of us want to store the data for offline uses. To do so we have plenty of downloader’s or available

for these sites like 18 Free Ways To Download Any Video off the Internet.  Bute when we talk about downloading videos in Batch like downloading 40 videos of a same course or something like that. So we need a downloader where we just put the Url of video source and it will be downloaded no matter how much time it takes. Jus put the Video Url in source box and Let it download for you.

The VDownloader:


This is not an script or addon a software installation that include

1. Video downloader

2.Video converter inbuilt.

It means at the time of downloading a video you just have to specify in which format you want to save the video like mp4, avi or any type and the video will be downloaded and converted automatically.

Note: during the installation of this software be aware of the the adwares and extra installation like web toolbar. Over all for batch downloading YouTube videos this software has got no comparison.

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