[How-to] Boost Firefox Start up

Open source web browser Mozilla Firefox is the best browser available for web developers. It has plenty of add-on to customize it as per your need with highly secure and faster browsing experience. But, now a days people are facing some performance issues like slow start up and high memory consumption.

I am a great fan of Firefox and uses it as my primary browser from more than 7 years. As per my experience, slow start up and high RAM consumption arises after Firefox 3 or Firefox 4 release. Latest versions of Firefox is the most advanced Firefox but it when it comes to performance it sucks.

This situation goes worst when you enable “Show my Windows and Tabs from last time”. If there are too many open tabs left after closing Firefox, the start up become more slow. When you start Firefox they all load and slows down start up process. Don’t worry, here is a good news for you, as today I am going to show you ‘how to speed up Firefox start up.’ Follow these steps:

  • Open Firefox web browser and open settings by using ‘Tools >> Options’.
  • In General tab’s start up section, set an action to take when Firefox starts. Here you have three options to choose from, Blank page, Home Page or Windows and Tabs from last time; choose any one.
  • Now it’s time to apply the trick. Check the box next to ‘Don’t load tabs until selected’ option and click OK. You’re done.

Now, when you start Firefox all your Windows and Tabs from last time will open. But tabs will not load automatically until you open that. This setting utilize less memory resources and hence help Firefox to start fast.

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