How to Build a Complete Website inside your Facebook Fan Page

The increasing popularity of Facebook has brought it to the No 1 social media places. Now people spent more time on Facebook than any other sites so with this increasing popularity and reach the Facebook pages are best place to promote your online business. Now do you imagine if you can make a website under your Facebook page so all your Facebook users are actually using your website without leaving Facebook.

195805_196181800409136_7551032_nYes it is possible with the help of an application called BIzzBizz after adding

that to your pages you will be able to make a complete website in your Facebook.

It is a very powerful soical media tool for your business lets have a look how you can add BIzzBIzz to your pages and take benefit of this smart application.

And you can check here how you can add it to your Facebook page.


use this link

or See the tutorial

source : – Build a complete website INSIDE your Facebook page using BizzBizz.

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