How To Customize The Ribbon In MS-Word 2010

You can arrange the ribbon in MS-Word 2010.You can create new tabs and put the commands you use most often on them and you can move the tabs anywhere according to your needs.MS-Word2007 did not provide a good way to customize the ribbon but in MS-Word 2010 you can design the ribbon to match your own flow when you’re working on documents.
In MS-Word 2010 you can do the following to customize the ribbon:
  • Change the order that tabs appear
  • Change the order that groups appear within tabs
  • Create new tabs
  • Create new groups within a particular tab
Steps to customize the ribbon in MS-Word 2010:-
1. Select File – Options – Customize Ribbon
2. Click on New Tab and then Rename
3. You can add your own group in the Tabs
In this example, I add groups for printing, formatting, and tools for the tab called “Writing”.
Now you can use your own customized tab with your own groups,you can add any commands you want from the command well.
4. Click the arrow below Choose commands from, and then click All Commands.
5. Click the group you want to add commands to, click a command in the list of commands, and then click Add.
I can add Quick Print and Print Preview and Print in my Printing group.
HeaderFooter, and Table of Contents in my Formatting group.
Thesaurus to my Tools group.
I can use the arrow keys to order my commands exactly the way I want them (in this case, up means left and down means right).
I can use that up arrow key to move my Writing tab all the way to the left of my Word ribbon, so that it’s open automatically when I start Word.
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