[How-to] Download All Images From a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a social network and micro-blogging platform where you can post content in the form of text, images or videos. Tumblr has aroud 50 million blogs, most of them have multiple images on a single post. Suppose you are browsing an images blog and found them interesting. Then you need to download them on your local machine. You can right-click on the image and download them on computer one-by-one. But it will take a lot of your precious time.

In this modern age of automatisation, every thing can be done by specific tools. So there is a tool available to download all of the images from a Tumblr blog page on your computer. TumblrRipper is a free Windows software application that can make your work easier. Here is a simple tutorial to download all images from a Tumblr blog using TumblrRipper app.

  • First you need to install TumblrRipper on your computer.
  • After installation, start the app and enter blog address of the Tumblr site from where you want to download images.
  • Now give a directory path on your computer where you to save all the images.
  • Now click on ‘Load’. TumblrRipper now starts scanning that blog for images and then start downloading them within the directory you specified in step 3.

That’s it. TumblrRipper is very easy and time saver application. Here is some features of TumblrRipper software app.

  • StandAlone application (no installation needed)
  • Automatically download all photos from a given TumblR blog.
  • Will try to retrieve the 500px photo, else 400, 300 or the 250.
  • Only photos you don’t already have yet will be downloaded.
  • As light as possible on the Tumblr servers.
  • Will keep a small text file in the saved directory with the blog URL to easily update.
  • Keep the original dates from the original upload.

What do you think about this handy app, share with us using comment form.

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