[How-to] Download All Your Google Data From Takeout

Google securely maintains all the information about a particular user. Google also give users a facility to download all of their account data in a zip file. You can download all of your contacts, docs, Picasa web albums, Knol, profile data, +1s, circles, buzz, streams and voices data from Google Takeout site. Follow this step by step process to create a archive of your data at Google and download it to your local computer.

  • Sign-in to your Google account and go to Google Takeout.
  • Takeout now scan your Google account for all the services you uses till now. After the scanning process you can view a list of service whom data is available to download for your local use.
  • If you want to create a backup for all of your account data then click on the “Create Archive” link on Red button.
  • Takeout now calculate data size and files for individual services and shows it to you in progressive bar. After the whole calculation process it will provide a link to download it. As this data contains all of your information hence Google may ask you to re-authenticate your Google account. Go ahead, now you are able to download full archive. 
  • Click on Download link and save it on your computer.

Easy stuff !! Using Google takeout you can also create a archive for any single service. To do this follow instructions or stay tuned with us, we will cover that in next tutorial.

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