How to efficiently find Applications for Your Android Phone

The google’s android has launched in the market very fast and in many popular sets but the complete systems has a drawback that it does not have any public store where we can browse Apps for android. The poularity of Apple iphone manly depends because it does have iTunestore. Google will also come with such solution in very few times but untill that time you need to do quite a hard work to get good apps for android mobiles. So here to resolve your problem we have listed some places where you can find efficient and killer android applications very easily.


For people searching for top android application and games this websites is very easy to navigate and search for apps. You can also browse on the basis of most popular, top rated and most downloaded.

Android Market:

This is one of the best websites to find the most of android games and applications being used at this time. this site list contains all top rated and most efficient android apps.

101 Best Android Apps:

If you are looking for apps sorted by categories and top rated application in each category like education and business then 101 best android application can be very much helpful for you.


As the name indicates the Appbrain is websites with killer android apps indexed. you can search or explore on ranking and category basis.

If you know any other websites or any important application for android please do discuss here by making use of the comment box.

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