[How-to] Find WordPress User Friends

Do you love blogging using WordPress platform? are you encouraging your family members, colleagues and friends to write blogs, specially on WordPress and want to track ‘who use WordPress’? Then here’s a good news for you. Automattic, company behind WordPress added a new feature on WordPress.com blogs that can search your friends blog.

This new ‘Friend Finder’ service uses your Google contacts, Facebook and Twitter to search for people in your list that also has blog on WordPress.com. All you need to connect your WordPress account with these services. Follow these steps:

Login to your WordPress.com account and go to Friend Finder page under Reader section.

Now click on any of the services listed i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google Contacts, from which you want to find your friend. Allow access to read contacts and friend details and hit enter.

After granting access, WordPress will collect your friends email-IDs and search them in WordPress.com database for registered blogs. If the system find contacts using WordPress services, it will show the whole list.

Try all the three services to know more about your friends blog. This list have your friends name, his/her blog address and a Follow button. Click Follow and each time your friend publishes a new post it will show up in your Reader under Blogs I Follow.

If you have multiple blogs and only wants to show a particular when your friend find you. You have to set a Primary Blog in your Settings so the correct blog is shown to friends when they find you.

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