How to handle multiple services, social inbox and autoposting in BizzBizz

BizzBizz provides an easiest way to manage your business’s social media.With the help of BizzBizz you can customize Facebook pages,manage all your social media accounts at one place,monitor your brand and also you can see the track results.


Multiple Services:-

Using BizzBizz, you can publish to any of the popular social media platforms, including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and Flickr. BizzBizz is the easiest way to update multiple social media accounts at once.BizzBizz supports multiple services and social networks, making it easy to reach your customers on multiple platforms.

Social Inbox:-

You can manage multiple streams from your social inbox.BizzBizz’s Priority Inbox highlights the messages you should be responding to.Social inbox is a very important and useful feature of the BizzBizz because you can see all your message exactly at one place.


BizzBizz’s automatic RSS poster makes it easy to distribute content from RSS feeds.Configure BizzBizz’s RSS auto-poster to automatically share content on your social networks. Each piece of content you distribute is tracked and analyzed. You can even add your Google Analytics tracking codes.

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