How to install wordpress Locally on windows xp &vista

I am writing this post because even having a lot of knowledge over installation of wordpress manually is there on the net but many of us even do not find a full tutorial as my college juniors ask me how to install wordpess locally so that we can make modification and make extra changes without a fear that by changing this will cause down of the website online.

mainly if you are not a adroit web developer you are not able to make changes online without any fear and if something goes wrong which can cause loss of trafic to you. so making changes on home computer and after the changes have made good result then uploading them online is often a good practice.

you do not need nay knowledge of server or database to do that thing only a software known as WAMP will do all that.

wamp stands for





the images in this tutorial are small click them to enlarge.


1. Go to

2. Download wamp server 2.0

3. Double click on the .exe file to run it and it will install an wamp  folder where you put the file (C: drive or USB)

4. Go to

5. download the latest version of wordpress rightnow it is 2.8.1

6. unzip the download folder

7. run the programm wamp from program menu will see a small icon in your tray with a lock on that and then click on put online like:

wamp-tute-1 open any browser and just type      http://localhost/

11. you will be welcome with a page of wamp home page like this now click on  phpmy admin


12. now you are in ph my admin about to setup a database on databases and then give any name to your database “like i created wordpress” and then click create .


14 you have craeted a database now click on the database name that you created on the left side like

this wamp4


15. click to add new user after user

after adding the new user fill the field

usernam: whatyou like

host: localhost


17. then click on the check all to global prvilege

18. click on go

now you rae totally done with this database part

19. now go to the folder where you have downloaded and unzipped the wordpress copy the folder wordpress and then aste it into the c:>wamp>www>

20.after puting this in this folder you go to browser and again type http://localhost/

21. now select your folder wordpress from my projects displayed

wamp-5 wil ask you to create a configuration file click on that


23. no click on go

24. fill out tha same information as you filled while creating new user then click go

25. click on run and install

25.enter your blog title and other information and you are done

here is the video help for this

if you need more information or any help feel free to comment or use contact us form

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  1. wow ,nice tutorial step by step very useful information
    keep giving tutorial like this
    .-= niks´s last blog ..Top 10 government college of RTU =-.

    • @anis ya i have now seen that but will that article provide any step involved with configuring wamp like creating database or new user,prev all that actually i have written this because the problem the people asked me was to configuring the wamp database and all well now i m also posting a video made by me so to make it more easy

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