How to kill Not Responding App in Windows Easily

If you are working with Microsoft Application with Lesser amount of RAM memory then getting not responding results in various application is very common. Now the only way to get rid of the Frozen application is to open the task manager, find the appropriate process, and choose to close it. Fortunately, a quicker and easier way exists.

The HaxAttack weblog writes up a great tip to create a batch file that automatically kills any applications with a status of Not Responding, but you can actually just create a shortcut directly, omitting the batch file altogethe.

you can create a desktop shortcut that will automatically close any “Not Responding” applications whenever you double-click the shortcut. Here’s how to set it up — it’s really easy:

  1. Right click while on your desktop and select “create a new shortcut.”
  2. Now add the following as the location: taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding” .

do not remove the double Quotes form shortcut locations.

now after making the shortcut you can change the look by going to ->properties->change icon and then choose icon accordingly.

just give a try to this small trick.And come back here for more tricks like this.

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