How to make standard email for website domains using Gmail aps

Now a days the easiest way to communicate and work together online is emails and chat. if you have an organization or a website than you must have to creat a email for your domain for example which would be used to communicate to organization member or communicating to your web readers or whatever. the email id like or like that looks more professional as comparison to free gmail or yahoo ids. there are many web hosting and email company that provides standard email.

but they all not simpler with user point of view and in look too so here i am discussing the way that how to creat email for your domain just follow some easy steps and you are through it.this is a free service provided by google and there is also Premier Edition for large buisness accounts for a little cost.

Registration process

1. first goto google aps homepage by the service messaging and then click on sign up.

3. you will be displayed with a page that will ask for domain information like below


after filling up the information click get started.

4. the next page will ask you some information regarding your organization after completing these steps you will be asked for a id and password thats it you have made a standard after this you will be displayed with a dashboard.

after completing registration process next come to the domain verification process. in order to activate your emails you must verify your domain there are many ways to verify the domain .

for verification process:

On the dashboard you will find written . Verify domain ownership click on that

>>then you will be ask to select one of the two method

1.upload a html file

2.change the cname records.

1st one is easy you just have to create a html file and upload it to the root directory of your website.

for 2nd one you have to tell your hosting provider to change the cname records for you.

after this verification process you have to just click activate email and whatever services you want this will be activated.

you can also use web hosting discussion for more information on domain amd emails related questions

if you have any query related to this you can use our contact form to contact us or comment here .

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  1. This is very useful information. Though mots of web hosting service comes pre loaded with it.. but still it is very useful for people who have custom domain but never knew about this 🙂

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