How to make your Windows vista and 7 log on Automatically

You may have windows vista or windows 7 installed at your system which have quite new functionality and improvements over  previous windows version and for making this possible there have been changes in security and control of the system. In windows Xp there is automatic logon until or unless your account is password protected. You can do this in your windows 7 systems too.

If this is your home PC or any gaming system you do not want to login using password each and every time you restart your system so now in windows 7 even if you have password protected user you can create automatic

log on.

There are only few steps to be followed to get it done.

1.       Press win+ R and Write “netplwiz” without quotes or simply write it in start menu search box.

2.       A window named user accounts will open up with all your working users and their controls.

3.       Now there will be a box checked and written “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” -> uncheck this one.

4.       Click on Apply

5.       As you uncheck this box a pop up box will appear which ask you for your current password as in the image below.

6.        Enter your password two times and press ok

You are done.

You can use the same process on XP also and can also make use of userpasswords2.

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