[How-to] Mount USB sticks on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus(a smartphone by Google + Samsung) becomes the first phone which has Android Ice Cream Sandwich as operating system. This phone has many features and functionalities which are new in the smartphone area. These features included all the new and advanced features of Android latest version ICS.

By default Galaxy Nexus  supports the USB On-The-Go feature. Mounting USB Mass Storage devices on the Galaxy Nexus was a given. However, it is more than likely that you have faced difficulties in doing so. But Google has disabled the automated mounting for mass storage devices for some reason. To overcome this issue, XDA-Developer forum member Chainfire has released an app called, StickMount. It automatically mounts and dismounts your USB mass storage devices.

Stickmount app can be installed only on rooted phones. More on the app. If your phone is not rooted then you need to this article to get best from your smartphone. After rooting your phone you have to point your browser at this <link> to download StickMount from Android app store. Download the app for your phone and follow the steps to install it.

Once StickMount is installed and you connect a USB stick with the USB host / OTG cable, the device will show you a popup if you want to open StickMount. If you have just installed StickMount and you already had a USB stick connected, you must manually launch the program, or disconnect/reconnect the USB stick for StickMount to start working. It is advised to tell the device that you want to do this by default. There is a setting in StickMount app to automatically mount all external mass storage devices, enable that setting using a single tap.


For some users, the app appears not to work, while in fact it is the device itself or the cable not working. One OTG cable is not the other OTG cable. If you have a USB stick with a light on it, it should light up when you connect it to the Galaxy Nexus using your OTG cable. If it does not, either your cable or your Galaxy Nexus is faulty. 99 out of 100 times it is going to be your cable. That the cable works fine with another device does not mean anything! Cables known to work on a different devices may not work on the Galaxy Nexus (a known example is the Xoom OTG cable).

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