How to open any website privately ( private search engine Techmad Tips #12)

Can you open your favourite social networking websites like facebook and orkut in your office or in your college hostel. This is a common problem in office and colleges. Even i hadn’t access my favourite website facebook in my office. There is always a access denied response in your screen when you try to open these website. But here is a small trick by which you can open your favourite banned website in any network. Today I came to know about this amazing website,and i want to share with you all,  Simply you have to do is go to

According to Yauba team –

“Most people have absolutely no idea how much information websites collect from their users,” Ahmed Hossain, founder and chief information officer, Yauba, has said.

“If people knew, they would be completely shocked. But what is much worse is that many unscrupulous websites take advantage of this ignorance by seeking ways to exploit their users’ personal details.”

“Our technology helps prevent such abuses from happening,” Ahmed Hossain has added. “We don’t keep cookies and any personal information of the user. Our job is to take the user where he wants to go and after taking him there, we stop.”

Yauba, whose privacy policy consists of only nine words — “We do not keep any personally identifiable information. Period.” — has tried to debunk the myth that privacy is a complicated concept. According to the company, “Privacy is not complicated at all. It is actually very simple. Unfortunately, many internet companies deliberately cloak their privacy policies in lengthy and incomprehensible legalese to confuse their users while covertly reserving the right to resell their users’ private information to third parties later on.”


This is nothing but a new Google from India. This is a search engine by which you can open any website either banned or denied by your server. The main concept behind the search engine is it let you visit anonymously by hiding your IP address (which is banned).

You can also filter any information in different fields like

  • Internet site
  • Mainstream news
  • User Selected news
  • Blogs
  • Answers
  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDF
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Social Networks

For ex. suppose you want to check information about anything and you want to search it in any blog,then simply select the blog field of the  given options. You will get a result which is related to blog post. This website is an amazing capability to filter your search result.

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  1. Thank God we still live in a world where you can get internet privacy, even if it comes at a price. Since we the people have been deemed unworthy to maintain our own internet privacy, what has the world come to?

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