How To Place YouTube Video Inside Your BizzBizz Page

You can place YouTube video inside your BizzBizz Facebook page.

Steps to place YouTube video:-

1. Suppose you want to add BizzBizz video in your page then go to and type BizzBizz in the search box and press Enter.In the selected video click on Share button, which is placed below the video then click on Embed.Select “Old embed code” and copy all the code.

2. This is a blank Demo site with only one “Home” Tab.If you want to add YouTube video inside your “Home” Tab then go to right hand corner of the page and click on “Manage your page”.

3. After clicking,you can see different modules such as Media Box,Share,You Tube,Scroller and Show fans in this page.Just Drag the YouTube  icon and Drop into the area below all the modules.After drag and drop click on the “Save Layout”.

4. After doing Save layout click on the “Edit page content”,you will see this type of blank page because there is no embedded code inside the YouTube .

5. Click on YouTube Setting and this page will appear in front of you.Paste your embed code of YouTube video in this area.


6.After click on “Save setting” go to right hand corner of the page and click “View page” ,then final page will look like this.


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