[How-to] Play WAV Audio files in Gmail without Downloading

To control the whole web is a policy of Google. Company always try to make new applications and tools similar to existing but popular services. Gmail, Google+, Google chrome OS and Brower, Android are just the example to prove this strategy.  Now Google offer a new extension for its Chrome browser that can play WAV media files within Gmail without downloading them to your computer.

WAV Player for Gmail is the Chrome browser extension that can play WAV audio within Gmail. No need to download the actual file to your computer. WAV player extension adds an embedded player within Gmail messages that contain audio files in WAV format.

How WAV Player for Gmail Extension Work?

Are you surprised with this feature? and thinking how this extension works to play WAV audio files. There is a simple trick to make this happen. Actually, this extension simply inserts an HTML <audio> tag in emails that contain .wav file attachments, so that you can play the file without having to download it. It can particularly come in handy if your voicemail messages are in WAV format or when you don’t want to download the file.

You can see in picture that the player has a play/pause button, progress bar, timer and volume control. Hit Play button to play WAV audio files. Volume button will works as it does for other media players. So you can easily control media file playback from chrome browser.

The extension will work fine without restarting Chrome browser, but if you have problem playing WAV files, simply close the browser and reopen it. By default the WAV player will be added to all of your mails that have WAV files as attachments. Mostly your chats from Gmail and Google talk have WAV format audio. Now you can play those files without downloading them.

Extension Download <link>.

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