[How-to] Read Blog Posts From Blogs You Follow at One Place

With the evolution of computers, laptop, e-book readers and smartphones; Internet became essential part of our daily life. From gaining knowledge to getting up-to-date with breaking news and latest technology trends we follow different websites and blogs. But its hard to read latest posts from all of them by opening individual websites one by one. Most of blogs are powered with WordPress hence WordPress launches a new service to read all the blogs you follow at one place.

You can now read all your favorite blogs in one place i.e. at WordPress.com Reader. This Reader displays all the posts across all the ‘blogs you follow’ in the order they were published, with the most recent content appearing at the top. You’ll see an excerpt of the introduction to each post, the first image in the post, and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains. Taking this service to a next level WordPress team give users an access to like and reblog WordPress.com content directly from the Reader. I tested Reblog feature on my blog and it worked perfectly. You can see the ‘Reblogged’ link at top of the post.

To use this feature you must log-in into your WordPress.com account. In the home page there are few tabs like ‘New Post’, ‘Read Blog’, ‘Freshly Pressed’, ’Topics’ and ’My Blogs’. You can view all the blog posts from the blogs you follow under this ‘Read Blog’ tab. To follow any WordPress.com blog just press ‘+Follow’ button in the toolbar. This feature can also be used on other self-hosted WordPress powered blogs by simply following them.

There are also a recommended blogs feature in Reader that classified in 12 different categories. Simply select the categories you want to read and press ‘Show me the Blogs’ button. This will show you best and most read blogs from the given category. If you love a blog simply press Follow button to add them to your favorite blogs.

You can also add as many topic streams to your reader as you like. You’ll notice frequent updates being published under general topics like “art” and “books,” but you can also add more specific topics like “Picasso” or “J. K. Rowling.” Follow blogs and make your life simpler.

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