How to save your wet Mobile Phone

Suppose your cell phone dropped in water accidently or you forget it in your clothes and it get washed. So what will be your first move? Ran to a mobile repair shop or make it dry in a hard sun rays. It didn’t really works. So here are some tips to go through before ran to phone store.
1)First of all ,remove its battery because battery should be replaced by a new one(you are really lucky if your battery will work).
2)Take out the memory card(it should work when it dries up).
3) Remove the SIM card.
4) try to remove the moisture from paper towel, do not use hair drier to make it dry.
5Put your phone in a bowl full of dry rice,cover it,and leave it overnight. Actually rice should suck out all the moisture from the phone.
6)Insert a new battery and ready for the work.

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