[How-to] Schedule Facebook and Twitter Updates Using LaterBro

For many reasons (personal or business) sometimes we need to schedule emails, Twitter or Facebook status updates. Popular mailing services, Twitter and Facebook doesn’t provide scheduling features by its own. But there are some third party web applications which are capable of posting your updates on your behalf on your scheduled time.

Laterbro is a free online tool to schedule Facebook and Twitter updates. You can see Facebook and Twitter buttons to create a free LaterBro account. Click on any one of these button and you will be asked to authorize Facebook/Twitter account access by LaterBro. This app is secure for Facebook so feel free to authorize it. Authorization helps app to receive some of your basic profile info to create LaterBro account and gains right to post on your wall.

After authorization LaterBro creates an account for you where you can schedule posts. For better post scheduling it asks for your country Time Zone. Choose right one from the dropdown menu of Time Zones and hit Next.

Now, here’s your LaterBro dashboard where you can schedule posts for Twitter and Facebook account. Write your message in the given field, LaterBro supports text of up to 140 letters (i.e. Twitter’s post limit). Next step is to schedule posts on a later time/date. Enter your desired date and time for the post and then click on check box in front of Facebook and/or Twitter link. You can also schedule re-occurrence of this post on daily, every other day, weekly, every other weekly, monthly or yearly basis. After configuring all the settings hit Schedule button to finalise the process.

I checked my Facebook timeline and saw the post on scheduled time. This web app works fine. Feel free to try this.

Share your other methods to schedule Facebook/Twitter status updates.

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