How to Send Pre-set Automatic SMS & Replies To SMS And Missed Calls [Android App]

It gives a big relief to whom, who are busy or are in some other work and there cell phones are ringing.  Now they can respond to the SMS or Missed calls without touching their  phone by using an app called Auto SMS. This Android Applications sends automated texts to people who want to contact you while you’re busy or are in some other work. Auto SMS is also useful in a ton of other situations. If you’re in a meeting, and want to keep clients informed of your whereabouts, this app has you covered.



1.)Auto Reply :

You can create as many different profiles as you like. Profile settings include whether to send the auto response to both SMS messages and missed calls, choose the actual message, and set the duration for which the profile is activated.



Let’s say you’re unable to text while driving or at work. When you hop in your car you could turn on your driving profile, which is active for an hour (the length of your commute)

and informs those who text you that you’re driving and can’t respond.

And also, Auto SMS also lets your phone to read your texts out loud, schedule texts so they can be sent later on, schedule when to enable specific profiles as well as a home screen widget for turning on a profile with just a tap.

Other features in Auto SMS include widgets for the Instant, Profile and Reader features, and you can even use the app to schedule certain times you want to set your phone to silent automatically. To take advantage of this feature, simply create a profile in which you set the times you want the ringer to be switched off, and uncheck the SMS and Phone Auto Response options.

2.) Scheduling & Instant Texts :

Sending replies is great, but also obviously reactive. If no one texts you, they’ll receive nothing in return.


Scheduling makes that possible. Using Auto SMS it’s possible to input a specific text message and schedule it to be sent at any time you’d like. The message can be sent once or at set intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) .

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