[How-to] Share Contacts, Photos & Apps Between Two Android or iOS Devices

Smartphone industry is among a very fast growing industries. There are many new Android, iOS or Windows Phone powered devices launching in market. We find few of these device interesting and buy them. But the problem starts after that, we need to move all over important data like contacts, calendar, social media data, photos and installed apps from old phone to the new one. This may be a very hectic and time consuming process.

There are always a solution for any problem related to smartphone, so for this problem too. Here is an Android and iOS app, named as Bump to solve data sharing issue. With Bump you can share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together. Just open Bump, hold your phones, and gently bump your hands together, Bump will magically do all the rest.

There are some useful stuff you can do with free Bump app:

Share Contacts: You can share all of your contact info between two phone. You can also move contacts from old phone to new one with this awesome app.

Find Mutual Friends: When you take two phones close enough, start Bump app on both of them then it will ask you to give permissions. After providing right permissions you will be able to find friends in common with people you bump from your social networks and phone contacts. This will be more helpful if you created a new account on social networks and want to connect with your college friends or business mates.

Share Photos: Bump app will also work as your all in one social networking application. With it you can share photos with friends and family in your contacts. 

Share Apps: You can also share app recommendations between two nearby phones with Bump.

Bump is a cross platform app and works on Android, iOS, PC, Mac and other smartphones. So stay cool when you buy a new phone and sync all your important data between old and new phone.

Download Link: Android | iPhone

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