how to speed up your Windows xp Boot Up and Shutdown

we all load many programs to be more comfortable to do our operation but installtion of a lot of programm the boot up and shutdown time increses and it take a long time to our pc to start and shutdown. i was also annoyed with this in my laptop but after searching some tweeks of reg it comes with good result.

so here how we go

go to registry edit by regedit command and then go to prefatch, Prefatch is a registry entry.

if you are not comfortable with editing the registry, please see the article below:;TR;322756

after entering in the registry edit

you can set prefetch to function in several different ways. Prefetch can cache applications, boot up files, both, or you can disable it completely. To improve boot speed set the following value in the registry to a value of 2.

HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParametersEnablePrefetcher

If you are uncomfortable with editing the registry, download the following file here ( Unzip it. Then double-clicking the resulting .REG file to insert the entry into your computer’s registry. It will set the value to 2.

and you can do this by manually also as

Windows XP has a Prefetch directory located in the Windows directory. The use of the prefetch directory is to hold cached information regarding recently accessed files. Application as well as boot files are cached here. You can delete all the files within the Prefetch directory

now you will have a lighter start than what you have previous.

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