How to start or play A YouTube video at Specific time

We all are fond of watching YouTube videos and sharing them with our friends and now a days sharing on social network like face book and Orkut have given YouTube a boost. People very often post videos of YouTube their profile on Facebook to let the other people watch the content an enjoy.

What if you wanted to share a video from The middle of it

, may be because of first few minutes of that video is not that much interesting and you wanted to share only some part? Now with the feature of “Copy video at current time” Let you share or start the video form whatever time you want.

Timing matter a lot in all the content so here is the tip

youtube specific time.

All you need to do is when you are browsing the YouTube and when you want your video to start just right click anywhere in the video and click the item from the option that says “Copy video URL at current time”.

you will get some url like “”

so if you under stand the code the last few characters “t=51s” define from what time your video has to be started. Earlier it was also possible with the t parameter but now adding them to the video on right click they have made it much more easy.

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