How to take a screenshot of any webpage

In my daily experience i saw many person asking about how to
take a screen shot or how to crop the image.Here i am giving some basic knowledge about how to take a screenshot in easiest way.

Method 1: Suppose you like any page on the web and you want to take a screenshot. Just hold Ctrl+PrtScr key. Your screen shot is
ready. Now open Microsoft paint. To do this go to To do this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. Click inside the white part of the screen. Press Ctrl+V. Now save the image
wherever you want to save.Or you can do it with Microsoft word.


You can get more tips here .

Mehod 2: Method 1 is the easiest way to take a screenshot. But
suppose you want to take a screenshot of a certain part of the page
then what you need to do something extra work.Just install a fantastic software Snagit. You can read my previous post about Download Snagit 9.1: An Ultimate Screen Capturing Tool
There are many softwares available on the web but i found Snagit most
interesting and innovative, just try it.

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  1. @Nihar @Maharshi Snagit is just awesome, i have never seen such a user friendly software. It is not just for taking a screen shot but also have many photo editing properties. Just try it.

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