[How-to] Take Screenshot in Google Chrome

In many situations we needs screenshot of browser windows or a section of browser window, image or video. These screenshots are useful in helping friends, relatives and blog readers like you to demonstrate a process or step to the solution of a problem. There are some desktop screen capture and recording tools available like SnagIt which can capture any portion of visible screen. But it is a paid tool, what if you need a simple yet powerful browser windows snapshot app?

Here comes LightShot Google Chrome extension as a rescue. Lightshot is an easy and convenient screen capture tool. It allows you to make screenshot of any selected area of web browser(video and flash too). You can then edit and upload captured image on their server. You can save all your screenshots in PNG image file format.

Developer claims that it is the only Google Chrome plugin that takes screenshots of video, flash and java apps. Extension also provides a short link to the uploaded image so that you can use it on any website. For ease and versatility you can perform a similar image search on Google. The drawback of this extension is that it only works on Windows Platform.

Open above mentioned link in Chrome browser an install it. Before installation Chrome will alert you that Lightshot can access “All data on your computer and the websites you visit”. Don’t hesitate and ignore this warning and allow extension installation. The reason behind this warning is that some features of this extension requires NPAPI plugin. NPAPI plugin has access to your computer files but don’t worry about data theft because Google review every extension that use NPAPI plugin. Lightshot will never access you private data.

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