How to take screenshots of web pages effectively

abduction Have you faced problem in taking screenshots of websites when you have to take partial page or a full web page which have scrolling so how can we take a screen shot or save the webpage as jpg image of scrolling webpage.

For e.g if we want to take the screen shot of whole we are

not able to do so we could only take the picture of what appears in window

Many a times we encounter these types of stuff and when we are not able to take the screenshots as a picture. I remember once i have to print one of result and it has a height of two pages i tried to using print and using Snagit was not able to do so. Then i came across an add-on of Firefox which let you do the part or full page screen shots of any web pages.

Like this you can take a whole webpage as a png or jpg file.


What you need to do is that

1. Go to the add-on page on this linkĀ install the add-on

2. Restart your browser and when you have to take screen shot right click on the page

3. Select save as image option

save as image

You can also adjust the area by selecting the yellow area of the page. So your selection of what to print or of what you have to take screen shots is now easily customizable with this add-on.


Let us know your experience with this screenshot add-on Abduction and how it helps you.

If you have any query just shoot an email to contact us page or feel free to drop a comment using below comment box.

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