[How to] Upload YouTube Videos of More Than 15 min Length

YouTube has biggest range of online videos from different categories, different languages and different geo-locations around the world. YouTube videos are uploaded by users. But there is a problem when you upload video of more then 15 minutes of length. Your video will be uploaded to YouTube servers but when you open that video, an error occurred which says ‘This video has been removed because it is too long.

This problem occurs with the unverified YouTube users. Unverified users can only upload videos of length up to 15 Minutes. So to bypass this limit, you need to have a verified YouTube account.

Follow these steps to verify YouTube account:

1. Log in to your Google or YouTube account and click Upload link to upload video on YouTube.

2. Clicking on ‘Select files from your computer’ will let you to upload files from your pc, but limits you to a video of maximum 15 min. So if you want to remove this limit your have to Verify your account .

3. YouTube requires your phone number to verify account authority. Fill your mobile number and press submit button. Google send you an auto generated SMS which contains a verification code.

4. In second step, you have to enter verification code send to your phone number. Fill this code and press Verify. If you enter correct code then Google automatically remove video upload length limit from your account.

Now you can share video tutorials, trip videos or other fun material on your YouTube account without limit.

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