How To Use BizzBizz Dashboard!!!

There are some important steps to use BizzBizz Dashboard:-……

:->click on DASHBOARD of BizzBizz then login to your account

:->If u are a new user then click on REGISTRATION

:->After registration a new user is able to use BizzBizz Dashboard up to 30 days


BizzBizz allows you to BUILD a robust website inside your Fan Page AND MANAGE an entire ecosystem of Fan Pages from one location…..

BizzBizz supports multiple services and social networks, making it easy to reach your customers on multiple platforms.


Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts from one place…………..


Use BizzBizz WYSIWYG editor to compose content-rich blog posts. Embed images and videos with ease. Use BizzBizz analytics to track which blog posts generated the most hits


The BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard enables you to manage ALL of your social media accounts from ONE LOCATION and monitor each location for reach and effectiveness. Some of the features include:


  • Multiple Social Network Accounts

  • Scheduling of updates and posts

  • Facebook Management

  • Twitter Management

  • RSS creation and syndication

  • Geo-targeting of Facebook fans

  • Brand monitoring

  • Multiple users

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Email marketing + SMS marketing with sign-up widget!

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