how to use webdisk from your control panel

while browsing and changing your files on your hosting service if you use file manager or legecy file manager it is not handy but think if you could browse your hosted files as a computer harddisk moving, compying opening become so easy ya this is possible by the option in your control panel known as web disk.

To get activated and use this webdisk you need to follow few simple steps:

1. double click on the icon webdisk in your control panel.


2. now i second step if you want to make new account  the fill the required field and click create

or simply you can use your main account just click on the Access Webdisk.


4. while  you click go  a dialog box appears to save a file which is setup file for webdisk.


5. save it and run it.

now you got a windows like folder look for you hosted file online you can perform all actions here .

if you have any query regarding this you can ask me or use contact us form.


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