HP Kills Off TouchPad And webOS Phones …..@Official

HP has announced that they will be discontinuing operations for Touch Pad and all web OS phones.


HP is going to optimize the value of web OS software in a forwarded direction but also clarified that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices such as webOS phones and the Touch pad.
This is a bad news for the persons who are web OS die-hards (including myself ) many of whom have waited for the product for a long time — first in hopes that Palm would launch a device worthy of the rather fantastic operating system, and later in hopes that HP’s attainment of Palm would be the spark to the fire that just never seemed to light.
On the otherside, web OS itself isn’t dead — at least, not just yet. HP’s wording up above leaves things a bit vague, with at least two potential routes left open: licensing webOS to others, and sticking webOS in other, non-phone/tablet devices (HP has already mentioned plans to put it in printers and cars.) Until further notice, however, it’s essentially dead in the water.


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