HP-Touchpad:A New Tablet In The Market…..

HP has launched its new Touchpad which is similar to Apple’s iPad.The cost of this stylish Touchpad which was released on august 19 is  $99. 

Since the past year no other tablet has been able to change the enchantment of the people who have with the iPad, but the TouchPad has shown a few that there is a brand other than Apple when it comes to Tablets.

The TouchPad’s biggest strength is its elegant webOS operating system, which still does multitasking better than Android or Apple’s iOS.If you want to see what applications are open, press the button below the home screen and they’ll appear in miniature form like a hand of cards on a table; tap one to select it, or flick it towards the top of the screen to close it.

An iPad level of display quality and strong audio were still highlights. At its best, the TouchPad is pleasurable to use.Like earlier web OS phones and Android devices, the TouchPad syncs easily to such cloud-based services as Google’s contacts and calendar applications.
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