iLane: An email reading device

photo1This is a technoogy that many of us awaiting for, a device that can read your email. It is complimented by an intelligent device by it makers.
Its main property is it can control a smartphone using voice commands,even when you are inside your vehicle.
Now you can open, listen to, and respond to email entirely hands-free simply by speaking aloud.

iLane verbally alert and inform you when new emails arrive on your smartphone. It is inteactive too,i.e. it uses a greeting words as a message like “Goodmorning Nitesh,you have 15 new mails.”

And iLane reads your emails to you out loud, on command. While you’re listening, you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

If you want to respond to an email, you simply have to say “Reply” and compose your response by speaking aloud. iLane hears you, and your message is sent to the recipient from your smartphone.

Plus, iLane lets you access and control lots of other smartphone applications by voice command, including managing phone calls, SMS messages and calendar

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