Improve YouTube Search with Firefox Add-ons

YouTube is the best video uploading platform for all types of niches. You can watch all types of videos on YouTube. To find the video you are looking for from millions of videos uploaded, YouTube provides video search feature. This is good enough to find videos but you can boost your productivity and save precious time by using some extensions for Firefox.

1. GridTube:

When you search videos on YouTube, the search results are shown in a column, where it is difficult to view videos. GridTube extension will let you show search results in a two dimensional array, so that you don’t need to scroll down webpages. Extension has a great features too like you can see search results in a grid of 4 or 5 videos per row.

If you have the YouPop addon installed, you are unlikely to need to click through to the actual video pages (unless you want to comment or rate it). If you do, the videos will open in a new tab by default (you can customize that behavior via the addon options).
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2. YouPop:

There is a feature lack in YouTube default search that you can’t preview video in search. Some times you have zero understanding if each video might be what you need and you have to scroll down again and again to scan through results. Also some people uploads video with only image slides which is worthless to watch them. So I am looking for an extension that let me help to show video preview and save my time.

Here YouPop comes to deliver such feature. With YouPop you can preview or watch YouTube videos on mouse-over on any website (as well as on YouTube itself) in a popup. The popup can be dragged across the screen and resized. YouPop also has some decent features; Like

  • You can “Stick” the popup (to make it permanent on a page no matter where your cursor goes): press the space bar (to close the stuck video preview, click the X icon in its top-right corner)
  • Turn off the lights and move the popup to the center of the page: Press ‘L’ (or hit a little bulb icon in the top-right corner of the video preview pop-up).

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