India Is Going To Launch $35 Tablet Computer “Akash”

Indian Government is going to launch a $35 ultra-low cost tablet computer.The tablet called Akash, is a government project, being manufactured by a Canadian company Datawind in a Noida plant.This upcoming tablet computer will provide connectivity to the country’s masses.

Smartphones and tablet computing are India’s great new hope for connectivity. Current internet penetration rate is below 10%, severely limited the online potential of the country’s 1.2 billion population.AFP confirms that an initial 500 devices will be given to students, with the Indian government hopeful that device manufacturer, Datawind, can produce 700 units per day.

This is basically a Low Cost Access Device (LCAD) and will be available to students for just INR1200 after subsidies.The Indian government is not alone in introducing a budget smartphone for the benefit of its population, a key pledge of Thailand’s newly elected Pheu Thai Party was to distributed a tablet-PC to every schoolchild in the country.

The New Akash Tab Spacifications:-

1. Running an Android 2.2 operating system
2. 7 inch touchscreen
3. 32GB expandable memory
4. 256-megabyte RAM
5. Two USB ports
6. Wi-Fi Internet access
7. Video conferencing capability
8. Internal media player
9. Estimated battery life of 180 minutes

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  1. Interesting new device, looks like a low powered processor but plenty capable of delivering an acceptable performance given the cost. Battery life is relatively short but is probably what you’d expect given the necessity to keep the costs low.

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