Interesting Firefox addon:Auto Browse

we have come across many type of screen saver since we started on computer but this addon claims to be The most creative screensaver in the World. yea this is true guys and i realize it when i installed and used it by my self. I came across this addon by surfing one of my favorite site ” Binary Turf:The technology journal  “.

yea this addon by Jan kechel is just like a screensaver suppose you want to search a keyword in google  and want that results should open one by one by itself then this addon is your answer. you just install this addon and get back to your seat enter the keyword and this addon will start and automated browsing for you .Enter any search-word and any search-engine (default is and AutoBrowse will surf the net for you.


image source: link

to start you have to do go to Menu/Tools/AutoBrowse/Start.

FOR Download : link

addon page:  link

But there is a problem this addon has not been updated yet i also move back to firefox 2.0 to enjoy this addon o seprate installtion.

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