iPhone Alarm Clock Donates Your Snooze to Charity,Now take more time to stumbling out of bed!!!!

Need just another 10 minutes before stumbling out of bed? A new iOS app is turning those precious minutes into a chance to donate to charity.










Snooze is an alarm clock app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that pledges $0.25 of your own money to charity every time you hit the snooze button. Users set a desired charity and the app will calculate how many times you hit snooze. There will be two opportunities every month to donate.
The app was built by LetGive, a company that combines mobile technology with charitable giving.
While the app is unlikely to raise huge sums of money, it’s a harmless way of doing good and (hopefully) hauling your body to work on time. At the very least, you can tell your boss you were late to work because you were too busy sleeping your way to a better tomorrow.
What do you think of Snooze? Brilliant or bothersome? Let us know in the comments….

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