Apple Iphone Tips and Tricks: Part1

There are many features in I phone which are present but we are unaware of it just because of lack of knowledge and, some of us iphone users does not have understanding of basic features due to first time  So to help get you started, here we are sharing some tips on iphone

Taking a screenshot


This tip is very niche it is not that hacks but with the 2.0 software you can now take screenshots on your iPhone. By simply holding down the Home button – those are the actual physical button at the bottom – and then press the power button at the top. The screen at the moment will be captured with the flash and it will appear on screen in image viewer.

Caps Lock feature

In I phone if you have ever tried up to all in caps you did not get that because it seems that it does not have a caps feature which can be quite frustrating when you want to really write a email with all in caps

Actually there is a Caps Lock feature, you have only to activate it manually by going to Settings>General>Keyboard (scroll down). Once you have enabled it , you just activate it by double tapping on the Caps button, which then turns blue when caps is on . then one Question in mind only is why the feature is off by default…

For a full stop followed by space (Double tapping keyboard)

You can just give a full stop followed by space this is a tip that is actually written in the Keyboard settings page described above, but unless you’ve been to that page you won’t have spotted it. It can be used as a real time saver while you composing emails.

Choose suggestions by tapping space bar

Many of us may have noticed words appearing below your chosen letters. These are suggestions, many of us do not know how to select them – they can be used only by simply hit of also creates a space for you. more smart is that if you choose a selection and then press double  the space bar to put a full stop this will take out the spacewhich is just semms that it thinks.

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