Is FriendFeed is going a Twitter way

Are you a user of friendfeed, the coolest application on web, because of its automatic updates synchronazation with many of social media sites. If you teet your update it should be appear on a friendfeed box automatically with the usage of

some cool apps.




But frienfeed is trying to go in some other direction ,something very big. They have bring some very cool features that exactly matches with twitter features. The coolest among them is a real time update. Now, if you share your updates on friendfeed,you can see your update without refreshing the page. You can also see the comments and like of your friend streaming in the real time.


Also you can decide whom the particular person can see your shared items,and also you can send anyone direct message just like you do in Twitter. SMS feature is also  included but i am unaware of how to use it.


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