Kingston Video SDHC Cards

Kingston brings a series of SDHC cards for use in digital camcorders. These video SDHC cards provide plenty of storage space and recording time,i.e.60 minute recording time for 4 GB card, 120 minute recording time for 8 GB card and 240 minute recording time for 16 GB card.
This huge capacities are a need of todays users who take the digital photography very seriously and they are totally dependent on high definition videos.
The Kingston video SDHC cards are designed to capture in a full 1080i and 1080p mode.It can transfer a data at a rate of 4MB/s and the card got a class 4 rating in speed.
It comes with a lifetime warranty and free tech support. These cards can give its best result in party ,journey or any special moment of your life.

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