Linkedin Has Announced Company Status Updates

Professional network Linkedin has announced company status updates. Administrators of company pages can post short updates just like individual users can. This provides companies with a way to engage followers and start conversations from within the public LinkedIn stream.Now companies can also share 500-character messages, links and media with followers as well.

LinkedIn users will now begin seeing company status updates in their homepage news feed. As it stands right now, nearly half of LinkedIn member follow over 2 million Company pages on the network. That’s likely going to be a lot of sharing.Previously, users following a company would see personnel changes, new job openings and company profile updates.

Those companies with an assigned administrator will be able to share content to followers and on the Overview tab.LinkedIn users are able to comment, like, and share status updates presenting a powerful way to build engagement.LinkedIn’s new Company Status Updates field as very similar to Facebook business page updates.
Now, LinkedIn users who ‘follow’ certain companies will be able to receive more information such as breaking company news, employee moves, job opportunities, or updates on products and services (including multimedia content) directly from those companies.

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