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From few days  I was busy in reading famous book “What Would Google Do” by Jeff Jarvis.The book was awesome,no doubt Google is expanding its reach day by day by not only increasing its service but also by eating business of other companies. But on the other hand it is boon for peoples. People get benefitted by its services, either students,serviceman,bloggers,corporate,developers everyone using Google as primary site to solve their

problem. That’s the reason Google is on top everywhere.

I am not going to discuss anymore about Google. I just want to give an image of Google services. Hope you got to know more about Google.

google services 1

I am opening discussion of Google, if you have any thoughts regarding Google then feel free to share here. If you know about more Google services please share it on your comments.

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  1. Well i think that google has becoming a giant and monopoly in the field of technology. After some thought , well a little dose of competition is not bad as well.

    I think i shuld read this book.

  2. @priscus, Inkapoint: The book is very interesting, explores lots of unknown things about internet industry. The given image clears all the services of Google and there are lots of thing already written about Google, i will definitely categories all the services in different part and explain all the services. Just wait for sometime.

  3. @Nihar Jaiku is a microblogging service by Google but its performance in the past is not too much comparable with Twitter. I heard about spnbabble microblogging service for webmasters from my other blogger friends, but never tried out.

  4. I must be honest that I never heard of some of them before. thanks for sharing this list. I guess I will spend the next few days reading up on them and seeing which ones I use.

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