LiveMinutes An Awesome Free Web-Conferencing Service

Liveminutes is an awesome free web-conferencing tool.The main services of this tool is basically exist between file sharing and web-conferencing.With the help of this tool you can upload important documents such as your powerpoint presentation,PDFs,Excel spreadsheets and this tool will provide you a link to share with other persons.The best feature of this tool is that all the persons can join without any additional software or registration.

Using this tool all the leaders can start their discussion and make footnote of a perticular document.Users are also able to get the downloadable report after all meetings.This important service is also integrated with skype.Currently The alpha version of this tool has launched and it has conducted 10,000 sessions for the 2000 users in just a few weeks.Liveminutes is boon for those who are not satisfied with their current web confrencing serivces.

Liveminutes is a very simple and quickest tool to use.Participants can intract to each other either on a virtual whiteboard or even on the Google maps.You can also check the audio potentiality of your computer with the help of this unique tool.If you registring a free account then this will provide you the ablility to obtain reports from all your meetings and also you can add library of your documents so that you will share them from your account.

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  1. Liveminutes is great too, and i think in coming days it will be important to use this or may we only use this as we need the same file in office and home

    so Liveminutes is offering such place where we can put our file online and share with others

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