Make instant meal with your notebook: World’s smallest microwave USB

While stumbling today I found this gr8 news for those bloggers who can’t take the pain of leaving notebook for making lunch breakfast and most important is coffee that  most bloggers need during writing a blog post so the solution, is world’s smallest microwave which features  the small microwave plugs compatiable to USB slots on your notebook or computer. It has ability to heat up  snacks or drinks in few seconds.


The tiny microwave  was designed by Heinz and experts at GAMA Microwave Technology, and measures just 150mm x 160mm x 190mm making it the world’s smallest microwave.

Makers  got this idea from the uk offices where 30%  workers miss out their meals because they get too much stress to take time off.


So hurry up and get one for yourself so u don’t need to leave your seat.  Now no  more hungry be healthy.

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