Make your browsing faster & secure by Google Public DNS

Google launched its own  public DNS resolver called Google Public DNS to make your browsing faster &  more secure.

First we need to know what is DNS .DNS  stands for Domain name System that’s directs users to the website which they input into its URL then ISP (internet service provider ) provide it to  own  DNS server that translate web address into the IP address . In more easy way it is like a switch broad translating easy-to-remember domain names ,that finally makes your web experience faster.

Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, which can be used by internet users as an alternative to their current DNS provider. While loading complex pages multiple DNS lookups are required which slows down the browsing speed, the new Public DNS tends to give web surfers faster, safer and reliable web experience” says Google.

Try  Google Public DNS to maximize your browsing speed and more privacy.For the internet users  ,detailed information about Google Public DNS and  configure instruction are provided by google.

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