Mar Mod:A New Add-on for Firefox

Firefox is very popular amongst all the other browser.The best feature of this browser is, its broad library of themes and add-ones.Firefox has now added a new add-on named Mar Mod to generate your experience of browsing visually more likeable and overall good.

The Firefox add-on Mar Mod will raise the looks and the total functionality of the browser.This add-on has lots of exciting characteristics such as browsing backup and online translation.Inside the peferences of Mar Mod add-on you will find different tabs by which user can work with many elements.Some of the important tabs are:-

1. Icons-This tab basically add different types of icons to the radio buttons and the checkmarks. You can see all the icons listed inside the Menu bar.This tab also provide the facility to choose default firefox setting.

2. Favicon– You can change the favicon of website by another website of your choice inside this tab.You can also prevent a perticular website from restoring to its original favicon.

3. Navigation-This tab add a drop-down icon adjacent to back or forward buttons.With the drop down icon you can see your recently visited pages.

4. Appearance-This tab give you a new look to the Firefox menu button.It also show the size of downloaded file.

5. Extension-This tab allows icons view and enable you to display in title bar.

6. Translator-It provides an online translator that add a button to the toolbar, by this tab you can choose your desired language from drop-down menu.

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