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Last time when i attended Wordcamp India ,i got to know about the world famous blog of Matt Mulenweg,co founder of The name of his blog is . I was amazed to see the domain name because i thought how could he use a domain name that is relevant to his own name. I asked from many of my friend and finally i got to know something which i want to share

with you all. There are many famous website which use these types of domain name. The best example of the website is . The another great example is blog name of Mr. Om Malik, founder of Gigaom. Name of his personal blog is .


The trick behind these type of domain name is known as domain hack.Domain name is an unconventional domain name that combines domain level to spell out the full name of the domain,making similar type of sound.

Domains such .as .it, .me, or .us are easy to use as domain hacks because they correspond to short, simple dictionary words. Alternately, a name is chosen so that the last few characters match an existing top-level domain,

Domain hacks offer the ability to produce extremely short domain names. For example, ind.ia has a total of only five letters (versus, at eight letters), as every letter is taken into account as the site’s title.

The most earlier domain registered is and We frequently see the domain names .net,.us, .in, .ma, .uk, These domains are the best example of domain hacks.

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