Microsoft launches a new Bing feature : visual search

According to announcement   at  techcrunch50 a tech conference in San Francisco,Microsoft launched a new bing feature  known as visual search.  on 14 sept 09 Microsoft launched a bing 2.0 :visual search which provide searched related visually.3832

while using Bing visual search engine it is loaded with  pages of visual thumbnail very frequently in a prettiest way.

Visual search, new beta feature introduced as Bing visual search,a search engine by Microsoft  by which users can browse easily . There is one and only way to access the visual search  by using silver light technology .

With visual search Microsoft allows searchers to navigate through image galleries finding a desired result  and visual search really make some searches a lot easier especially if u r trying with the braoad categories and Visual Search a data set will appear within the results to explore related data visually.For example learn yoga posters. In short Microsoft  launched bing : visual search which is started  with images  to find  search results faster .

By the recent deals between Microsoft and Yahoo searches with bing ,it incremented gain share market. Which  can be a challenge to arch-rivals as google  search engine .

this link does not work outside U.S if you want to take a look out of us then try visiting this site page wash which show you U.S like results.

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  1. ya this is approved news i likes your presentation way. but why you guys are saying that this is not opening in india it running fine on my side is there any problem in there?

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