Microsoft Vexcel 92 Megapixel Camera

Whenever the idea of photography comes in our mind ,what is the first thing click in our mind? I think about my Sony camera which has a some descent amount of megapixels which i thought is sufficient for photography. But think about a photography in which

we have to take a snap of a big area from sky, sovexcel

Photo credit: Vexcel corporation

how much strong should be the camera for taking a snap. Recently Vexcel corporation give the answer. Vexcel corporation is a wholly-owned Microsoft subsidiary, leverages its position as a world leader in remote sensing technologies and services to provide a broad range of geospatial solutions and expertise.”Vexcel announced a new larger format 92 megapixel camera for aerial photography. According to on10.netUltraCamLp and is the latest in aerial photography. Whereas the previous UltraCamL was 64 megapixel, the UltraCamLp at 92 megapixels takes photos that are natively 11,704 x 7,920 pixels, making it the largest footprint medium format camera system for small aircraft.”

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  1. @Nitesh : Yes,the news is true and as i wrote this camera will be used for aerial photography,this is not for public use.It can used in aircrafts and satellite to capture the large area. Also you should know about the India spy satellite launch for eyes on border areas. This can be very useful for it.

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